Grand Court of  Ohio

Order of the Amaranth*

 Officers of Ohio

 Welcome You  

H.L. Kathleen Hubert S.K. Edwin Jackson
Grand Royal Matron Grand Royal Patron

2013 - 2014 Officers

*The Grand Court of Ohio operates under a Charter issued by the Supreme Council, Order of Amaranth, Inc.

The Amaranth Logo is protected by copyright laws and is used with permission of the Supreme Trustees


Elected Grand Officers

Grand Royal Matron Mrs. Kathleen Hubert
Grand Royal Patron Mr. Edwin Jackson
Grand Associate Matron Mrs. Patricia Boyer
Grand Associate Patron Mr. Steven Ronshausen
Grand Treasurer Mr. Floyd Styer
Grand Secretary Mrs. JoAnn Woode
Grand Conductress Ms. Beverly Schenz
Grand Associate Conductress  Mrs. Clara Arndt

Grand Trustees

 Chairman Mr. Henry Madinger
Two Year Mr. John Shappard
Three Year Mr. Robert Hubert, Jr
 Four Year Mrs. Sandra Jarrett
 Five Year Mrs. Theresa Nichols
Grand Commissioners of Appeal
 Chairman Mrs. Marilyn Robertson
 Two Year Mrs. Barbara Wiegert
 Three Year Ms. Sheila Turner
  Four Year Mr. Morris Kemper
 Five Year Mr. Russell Carnes

Appointed Grand Officers

Grand Prelate Sandie Jackson
Grand Marshal Julie Gilbride
Grand Marshal in the East Trudy Gollmer
Grand Marshal in the West Bernadette Henry
Grand Lecturer Gloria Flack
Grand Standard Bearer Sharon Madinger
Grand Historian Janice Styer
Grand Fraternal Correspondent Jill Smurthwaite
Grand Truth Katie Ronshausen
Grand Faith Suzannah Miller
Grand Wisdom Michelle Rognon
Grand Charity Shirley Huffman
Grand Musician Barbara Brooks
Grand Warder Jacqualine McGraw
Grand Sentinel Kevin Gilbride
Grand Page Mary Alice Paschal
Grand Crown Bearer Karol Dalton
Grand Sword Bearer Wm. Jody Stevenson
District Deputy Grand Royal Matrons Assistant  Grand Lecturers
District 1 Margaret Nestor District 1  
District 2 Rebecca Ronshausen District 2 Jerald D. McCullough
District 3 Claudia York District 3 Helen Ann Reed
District 4 Janice Stevenson District 4 Roxanne York
District 5 Nola McIntyre District 5 Marilyn Baumann
District 6 Julie Arndt District 6 Diane Schulz
District 7 No Court District 7 No Court
District 8 Sharon French District 8 Barbara Graybill
District 9 Juanita Martin District 9 Virginia Davis
District 11 Bonnie Horn District 11 Earlene Martin
District 12 Laura Wills District 12 Jenny Deck
District 13 Karen Phillips   District 13 Patricia Hutton
District 14 Charlotte Hurn District 14  


      Deputy Grand Royal Patrons

District 1 Thomas Brown
District 2 James Dawson
District 3 Brian Williams
District 4 Gary Ronshausen, Jr.
District 5 Gary Ronshausen, Sr.
District 6 Landis Burmeister
District 7 Paul Ross
District 8 Allen L. French
District 9 Theodore Graybill
District 10 Herbert Barker
District 11  
District 12 Carroll Kemp
District 13 James Deck
District 14 Darrell Stevens
District 15 Charles Benson

Grand Representatives

Alabama Lorraine Mumaw Minnesota Florence Simon
Alaska Betty Riehl Missouri Betty Cowell
Arizona Traci Spencer New Jersey Myra Fields
Arkansas Patricia Dawson New Mexico Faye Spencer
British Columbia Donnalyn Mumaw New South Wales Sondra Johnson
California Jo Shappard New York Ethel Gertz
Colorado Mary Jo Scott North Carolina Erica Madinger.
Connecticut Rosemary Benson Oklahoma Nancy DeFranci
Florida Nancy Fields Ontario John S. Thomas
Georgia John Walker* Oregon Margaret (Peg) McCoy*
Idaho Judith Elliott Pennsylvania JoAnne Barker
Illinois Ken Woode Philippines Jeanne Thorpe
Indiana C. Earl Miller Queensland Brenda Klein
Iowa Alice Maier Scotland Patricia Grimes
Kansas Mildred Williams South Carolina Lana E. Carnes
Kentucky Helen Walker Tennessee Larry E. Dobbins
Louisiana Linda Bunting Virginia Barbara J. Thomas
Maine Marilyn McKeown Washington Virginia Hopper
Massachusetts Kathleen Ronshausen West Virginia Caren Stevens
    Wisconsin Cheryl Brown
   Ohio Courts  

Ideal Court #4 - 11665 Lebanon Rd.

Loveland, OH

3rd Saturday (1 P.M.)
Akron Court #5 - 1589 Akron Peninsula Rd. Akron, OH 
3rd Tuesday
Temple Court #8 - 23844 Lorain Rd.           North Olmsted, OH
1sr & 3rd Friday

Christina Court #21 - 3024 131st St.

Toledo, OH

4th Friday
Progress Court #22 - 1350 Shannon Rd. Girard, OH
2nd Wednesday
Emerald Court #33 - 333 Second St. SW Massillon, OH
3rd Monday
Imperial Court #34 -1301 S. Marshall Rd. Middletown, OH 2nd Saturday
Zane Court #36 - 3867 N. Point Dr. Zanesville, OH
2nd Wednesday
Strauss Memorial Court #41 - 36 Public Square Willoughby, OH
3rd Thursday

Royal Court # 42 - 31 W. 11th. St.

Ashland ,OH

2nd Friday

Faith Court #43 -788 E. State St.

 Salem, OH

1st Friday
Harmony Court #51 - 651 Groveport Rd. Canal  Winchester, OH 4th Wednesday
Miami Valley Court #53 - 107 W. Main St Troy, OH 4th Monday
Charity Court #55- . Xenia Masonic Temple, 223 Corwin Ave, Xenia, Ohio
3rd Wednesday
Columbus Court #58 - 634 High St. Worthington, OH 4th Thursday

Upcoming Events


Ohio Grand Court

                  INSTALLATIONS FOR 2014 


                                                                                     April      4                      Temple Court    7:30 P.M.


                                                                                                  8                     Akron Court      7:30 P.M.

                                                                                                  9                     Zane Court        7:30 P.M.

                                                                                                 11                     Royal Court       7:30 P.M. Dinner 5 P.M.

                                                                                                 12                     Imperial Court    7:30 P.M.

                                                                                                 23                     Harmony Court  7:30 P.M.

                                                                                                 25                     Christina Court  7:30 P.M.



                                                                                                 26                     Miami Valley  2:00 P.M.

                                                                                                 29                     Charity Court     7:00 P.M.

                                                                                 30             Strauss Memorial 7:30 P.M. Dinner 6:15

                                                                                           May   3             Columbus Court  2:00 P.M.

                           Grand Court May 15,16,17



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